Wednesday, December 2, 2009


for some reason, people really like fruits and vegetable that smile. color this piece sold.


  1. I halved a red radish yesterday and there was an almost perfect smiley face on both slices....
    Awesome.... God shows us His love for us in the most unusual places.... Chaplain Judi, Hosp Chaplain

  2. I have been looking for this type of art for an addition to a flyer for a side business. I would be interested in purchasing something similar to the radish it your interested. I'll tell you I don't have much money to work with I am trying to get marketing materials printed (what the art work would be for). Feel free to give me an estimate or talk further about how you generally go about this.

  3. katharine. i'm sorry that i missed your post. i don't get too many comments so i don't usually check that often. if you're still in need of this, let me know.